Milton Roy Mixing.

Milton Roy Mixing’s side entry mixers are unique and offer a variety of features to optimize process performance and reduce maintenance. The side entry mixer mounts quickly and easily to the tank flange and delivers the most effective blending results in an extremely efficient unit. Its innovative small diameter SABRE® impeller allows for reduced energy consumption, improved hydraulic efficiency, and easy installation.

Milton Roy Mixing top-entry agitators are well-proven mixing technology used in numerous industries and applications. Designed for efficient, cost-effective agitation, they feature high-performance propellers, supported by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. The agitators are available in a wide range of models with pressure and temperature ranges to ensure the right product for the application.

Founded in 1895, Milton Roy Mixing is a global leader in mixing equipment and agitators. Backed by decades of engineering expertise and a highly trained and experienced team, we ensure quality and reliability through every stage in the process: from selection, design and planning to testing, installation and maintenance. Our in depth knowledge of chemical processes and our dedication leads to products designed for years of reliable service in the most demanding environments.

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Statiflo Static Mixers

Statiflo International is a world leader in the application and manufacturing of static mixers. Applications include Pipe Static Mixers, Laminar Flow Heat Exchangers, Gas Dispersion Systems, Loop Reactors, Open Channel Static Mixers, and “Plug Flow” Reactors. For more information, visit